Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thanks ''SYUKUR''

At 6 am
Time for me to rise again
Before looking for a bite of rice
My stomach in the base bowl of rice
I missed the morning,emm
Continue to go out and run with all other citizens
We are all in line
Motorcycle,car,bus,the cycling and walking
To the clerk of the big boss
All have the same intentions at heart
Let the business and livelihood compatible
Gray matter confronting saujana
There is sunshine
Thanks i'm still here
I breathe again thanks
Thanks i was standing there in the power of this body
Bill came up again at
Like twice a month
Please paid within' 7 days before the supply of dead
Mother and younger brother moans ringing
The result of sweat on his forehead
I do not work in the trash clean
I collar all the hands and feet
Until i see what is in search
My obligatory late a few times
Hear the heart murmur he pinched
I opium in the world
But i keep coming back

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