Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Livin' In A World Without You

It's hard to believe that it came to this
You paralyzed my body with the poisoned kiss
For 123 days and nights i was chained to your bed
You thought that was the end of the story
Something inside me called freedom came alive
Livin' in a world without you
You told me,my darling
Without me,you're nothing
You taught me to look in your eyes
And fed me your sweet lies
Suddenly someone was there in the window
Looking outside at the sky that had never been blue
Ah,there's world without you
I see the light
Ah,there is hope to guide me
i will survive
You put me together
Then trashed me for pleasure
You used me again and again
Abused me,confused me
Suddenly i run through your garden
Right through the gates of the past and i'm finally free

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